The Luna Play Couch



Introducing the shiny new play couch you have always dreamt of! All the goodness of your standard play couch, plus the added benefits of a complete waterproof lining, two square beam pillows and two circle pillows! 

Endless possibilities and configurations, let your imagination go wild. This play couch could be a car, a jail cell, a space ship or a camp with a bonfire! 

The Luna is an 8-piece couch, with complete waterproof covers for each piece under cut velvet covers (Galaxy print) or microsuede covers (all other colours and prints).

Each Luna includes:

1 base (also sold separately as a Landing Pad): a thick 66" by 5.5" folded mat, firm

1 cushion: a 66" by 3" folded cushion mat, medium-firm 

2 triangle pillows: equal triangle pillows, 14.5" base and 21.5" deep, firm

2 square beam pillows: 33" deep, 5.5 squares, medium-firm

2 circle pillows: 3" deep, 14.5" diameter, medium-firm 

Ships free within Canada over $129. Flat Rates apply to the US.

Looking for exact foam details like the ILD for all our product? Click here to read our FAQs and see our Firmness ILD scale.  

Please note zipper colours before purchase:

Petroleum, Maleficent, Lapis and Forest Trove have black zippers

Rocky Mountains and Cotton Candy have white zippers. 

A Little Jaded has light green zippers on base pieces and darker zippers on circles and square beams.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Emily Markle
Coral luna

We love love love our coral Luna! After receiving a Luna in ocean deep we decided a second couch was a must have to expand our build repertoire! It has been awesome! The coral colour is so vibrant! We love it!!

Laura Canning
So fun!

Love how endless the play can be! My one year old loves jumping all over it and going inside the forts

Mari Music
We Adore It!

I've been researching play couches for a long time and decided to go with luna! We adore it so much. My girls are 4, 3 and 1 and they all play with it. I even ended up ordering a second one!

Jennifer Storie

We ordered a Luna couch in Galaxy print from pre order 1. Globally, there were shipping delays, and the foam was in the box for quite some time before landing at our house. Despite being compressed for so long, it only took 2 or 3 days to fully fluff up.
There was absolutely no smell from any of the foam pieces, or covers.
The galaxy print... oh. My. Goodness!! It is even more beautiful in real life!! And texture?! It is difficult to put into words exactly what it feels like. The best description I've seen is that it feels almost like men's bathing suit. Itbis so easy to keep clean (we have a hound dog who sheds A LOT!!!, and the hair just falls right off the material. The cut velvet is perfect for slides!!! (We have 2 slides coming, I can't wait!!!) I love the extra beams and circles, they're super fun additions for builds!
We are over the moon thrilled with our Luna!!

Amanda Adams

We absolutely love our Luna. I decided on the peach and it is beautiful. This is our 2nd play couch and I feel this is my favorite. I also have to say the pillows that are a different shape are a big hit!!