Lay-Buy Payment Plan

You can now check out with Lay-Buy for all your Forest Trove orders! 

Select a downpayment, select up to 2 months of instalments and receive your items once the payments are complete. 


PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (Lay-Buy) powered by PayPal makes it easy for you to buy the products that you want. 

PayPal charges a 1.9% fee for all Lay Buy transactions chargeable to the customer. We are charged a similar fee by PayPal for the transaction. 

All Lay Buy orders require a minimum 20% non-refundable down payment and have 2 months to pay off the balance.

SECURITY: All Payments are processed within PayPal’s secure environment.

CONVENIENCE: Payments are automatically set up between you and the seller

FLEXIBLE: You can also email us to move the pending payments earlier or later. 

CHOICE: A Lay Buy Payment can be made and recurring profile setup via your PayPal account (or your credit card via your PayPal account).





You will be able to select Put It On Lay-Buy payment option at the last page of the checkout process. Click Complete Order to proceed. 


You will be taken to the PayPal login page to create a profile, please be sure to provide an email you will have access to as all your payment details and confirmations will be sent here. This is a secure PayPal environment and we cannot make any changes to the information you provide. 

Once you are set up, choose your downpayment from the drop down menu (20% minimum-50%). Now select how many instalments you would like to do (up to 2). 

You can see the exact and final fee being charged to you in red writing on this page. 


Please note that all payments are processed by PayPal on the scheduled date YOU set. Please review the payment schedule carefully as we cannot make changes to the scheduled dates once the order is placed. 

On the occasion you wish to fulfill your order amount before the scheduled dates of payment (perhaps to ship your items as soon as they are available), send us an email at with your order number. We will send you a "Complete Transaction" email link to fulfil your remaining amount. 


Once your payment is finalized, we will ship your order as soon as it is available for pre-orders or within the week for items in stock. 


What will it cost me?

PayPal charges a 1.9% fee for all Lay Buy transactions. This may be just a small amount for less expensive items and about $10-$15 for expensive items (such as our Luna Play Couch). There are no other fees charged after this: no interest and no recurring service charges. 

PayPal also charges us the usual transaction fee.

My order cannot be placed using Lay-Buy, what do I do?

It is imperative that your Lay-Buy profile is correctly set up or you order will not be placed. Double check to see if all the information of the card on file on your PayPal account is accurate, that it is not expired or if it may be being declined due to insufficient funds. PayPal will not let you create a profile in this scenario. 

PayPal must be able to automatically collect payments from your card for Lay Buy to work. Once you have provided a valid card, it should automatically allow the purchase to go through. 

What should I know before you buy?

When you chose to purchase via Lay-Buy, you are assumed to agree to their terms including but not limited to:

  • There cannot be any changes made to the Lay Buy plan you set up, please ensure it looks exactly as you wish before completing your order.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 20% minimum is necessary to set up your Lay Buy account. 
  • Lay buys require a downpayment and a maximum 2 month term
  • If you are unable to complete your payments on time, please get in touch with us at and set up a new payment plan, failure to make your payments without such a notice will result in a cancellation of your order and forfeiture of the deposit paid.
  • You agree to pay the price of the item as displayed on the day you make the downpayment, any future discounts on the item cannot be applied to your order.
  • Complete Terms and Conditions are available here:  Lay-Buy's official Terms.