Waterproof Play Couch Liners


Expected restock March 2022

The perfect accessory for your standard Play Couch! They are a perfect fit for your original play couch as well as any other couches like our Luna that is made with similar dimensions. 

Soft knitted polyester liners with TPU backing to make your couch 100% waterproof. Let you children and pets finally enjoy the couch as it is meant to be! 

Full set of 6 liners included:
2 pillow liners, 2 thicker foam liners, 2 thinner foam liners.

Please use these liners as intended: over foam and under suede covers. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

These are absolutely perfect and fit our nugget so well! I am so happy I opted to get these once they came in stock! Toddlers get messy and accidents happen so these covers definitely help my peace of mind.

Day one, My son decided to dump a bit of his iced tea onto the nugget base. Needless to say we were a bit worried since it was brand new. We open it up and it went through the nugget layer but stopped at this waterproof cover. So we would 1000% recommend to anyone who is nervous about getting their foam dirty. Looking forward to many years with these.

My only recommendation is to not wash with anything that is bright colours as my husband washed it with our starfish coloured nugget cover and it changed it slightly pink lol (totally our fault though!! Haha)

Thank goodness!

We bought this to go with our clevermama. The fit is great and they do the job well! Speaking from a experience of water spilling but the foam staying dry.

Jasmine Lau

I bought these waterproof covers because we're potty training, so these were a must!
Shipping was super fast and arrived after 2 weeks.

It's nice to have insurance from the messy babies, to know my couch is safe from any spills or accidents!
I recommend these waterproof undercovers to everyone!

Melayna neufeld

These liners make swapping covers a breeze! Soft to the touch, not noticeable under the covers.
Highly recommend

Kimberley Brookes
Peace of Mind and Stress free play

It’s such a relief to have these covers on our NC-brand play couches! Both my toddler & infant make messes and the foam is perfectly protected! Especially the triangles!
Wish they sold triangle only packs.