Flat Trapezoid Pillows


A set of two trapezoid pillows, perfect for back rests, more complicated builds and fun building blocks. Choose regular Trapezoids for balance beams as these are not symmetrical. 

Our Flat Traps are firm, for full details view our foam detail chart here

Customer Reviews

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Janice Law
Another useful addition

All these different shapes really help with the builds. Surprisingly, it is quite firm and comfortable even when not used in play. Great for adults to use too when the kids are asleep and not hogging it.

Sarah Kovzun
Add to the play

My kids love having the extra pillows to add to the couch. The Luna system really encourages open ended play for all 3 of my children ages 17mo to 6 years old.

Angie Verner
Makes a great backrest!

These just arrived at my house today in coral. Wow, it’s a BRIGHT colour, but I think my girls will love it.
The pillows fluffed up quite nicely within a few hours. I immediately tried them out as a backrest/back support against the wall. The foam is very firm (a good thing!) and provides great support. I can see these serving both in builds and as part of a sitting couch for years to come as my kids grow. #lunaplay

Nicole D
Perfect couch back!

I bought these to make it more comfy when we use it as extra seating and am so happy I did! I much prefer them over the triangles. They are super firm and great for builds and many other things as well! They’re also great for when I’m hanging out on the floor with my one year old (though we’ve been hanging out on the Luna most often because it’s a lot more comfy for me!)