Luna Play Silks- Polyester & 8mm Habotai


The Luna Play Silks are here! These silks are ready for the muddiest and roughest play!

Play silks are an integral part of the Waldorf philosophy where children are encouraged to learn about their world through active play. Long before the philosophy existed perhaps, children have been playing with loose ribbons, silks and scrap pieces of cloth from time. Just what is so fascinating about this unusual toy?

What we may call 'just a length of fabric' is indeed one of the most imaginative and open ended play for children. It won't be long before these silks become a favourite in the play room! It may be the colours, or the buttery soft flowy texture but you'll surely be in awe of their versatility with just a little encouragement and a whole lot of imagination.

You won't need to prompt play with silks, children are most creative and you'll find them being used as

  • superhero capes and the perfect peek-a-boos
  • butterfly and fairy wings
  • play scene and nature table setup with toy figurines to represent seasons, oceans, forests and grassy plains
  • picnic mats and tea party tablecloths
  • roofs for their foam builds & molten lava for their obstacle course
  • perfectly huggable blankies for dolls (and their owners) or a magical carpet to soar the skies
  • a lasso to catch those feisty hoodlums
  • tied to sticks and waved as flags
  • bath and pool toys that can get wet and wet again 
  • reusable gift wrap that is a gift of its own

Details & Care Instructions:

Tie Dyed Lawn Silks: 45 in x 70 in, 100% Polyester.

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle, hand dry. Iron on synthetic setting (low heat) if necessary. Never tumble dry. 

8mm Habotai Silks: 45x70in, 100% Silk, Handwash and hang dry only


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Emily Markle
Play silks

We bought the grasshopper and magma play silks for our kids. My son, age 1, likes to wrap himself in our curtains and now he can do this in a safer manner with his silk! We also love how they can be used for door, ceilings, and to make our slides more slippery! They get a lot of use in our house. They are also soooo beautiful and the material is lovely! A must have for sure! #lunaplay

Janice Law
Vibrant colours and durable

Useful for fort building since it's large and lightweight. I also like that it's a solid vibrant colour. We've been using it for forts, for hiding/wrapping stuff, cape, etc. So many uses. Already ordered more in other colours.

4* only because mine came with some small black dots in it but not noticeable in play. Gabby was very nice and offered a replacement or discount on it.

Amy Nunez
Never ending possibilities

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I bought the play silks, but my boys love them! We just got our play couch and these are a great addition. The play silks have been part of a slide to help make them slide better, they’ve been water and lava and scarves and capes...the possibilities are endless! Material is nice and soft and seems like great quality so far! Debating on ordering the patterned silks when they are released as well!

Kyla Rawluk
So Cute!

The Good: Love these silks! They’re just the right material for playing and building. The colours are brilliant and bold but still let enough light through for forts.

The Bad: My green silk has a spot of red on it; noticed when I took it out but it’s small enough it doesn’t really stand out. The red silk has some loose threads unravelling after 10 days of play. They all have tags that were cut off which I thought was weird.

So fun!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered them. But my kids absolutely love them. Using them in builds, as capes, lava, water... the list goes on. We will be buying more in the future! Love the durability too! #lunaplay