Stackable Half Moon Pillows, set of 2


A set of two giant rocking pillows that can stack on their sides! Big and sturdy enough for your little ones to use as a rocker, a gateway or the biggest building blocks they have ever seen! 

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Storie
These are a MUST!!!

If anyone is on the fence about whether or not to get the rockers, DO IT!!!
These guys are a lot bigger than I had pictured! They're sooooo useful! Hats off to Forest Trove to think of everything. The ends of the rockers are flat on both sides, so they can stand on their side and offer support to any build. They also make super fun teeter totters!! I am so glad we added a pair to our collection!!

Mona Ghanbari
So versatile

This pillow pack is so unique and versatile! They arrived before our couch has and it’s already been used as a slide (two put side by side), a rocker for both the baby to strengthen his core and spatial awareness and for the toddler to balance seated, a “horse”, an ottoman when placed flat side by side, a coffee table when stacked, a footrest and so much more. Excited to see what else these pillows can be used for once the couch comes in next month!

Sarah Kovzun
Add more fun to the couches

The fun rockers can be used in so many ways! They add motion to the square couch setup and can support weight. The Luna system really encourages open ended play for all 3 of my children ages 17mo to 6 years old.