Outdoor Luna FAQs

 Outdoor Luna FAQs
Please email us with any questions or concerns: thelunacouch@gmail.com


Will my couch be insured with other companies when I use this cover?

A few companies void their insurance if covers made by a different company are used. Please do your research regarding this before you purchase and use these covers under your discretion. Forest Trove is not responsible for any voided insurance. 

What is the warranty?

With our outdoor covers and couches, we have a revised warranty. We will cover any issues with stitching of the outdoor covers. As the covers and foam are subject to varying outdoor conditions, proper care must be taken to keep the product safe from rips, staying wet, or any other conditions  that may induce damage to the product. The warranty does not cover any such damage. Please note that our covers are not guaranteed to be completely waterproof. Our fabric however is mold and mildew resistant and will allow any wet foam to dry without consequence as long as the care instructions are adhered. Customers must report any issues with the stitching/ fabric/ zippers within 2 days of delivered date.