Who we are

Welcome to our little toy store! We are so happy to be able to find you the most beautiful, hand-carved, ethically sourced and slow produced toys in the world! 

We are a husband-wife team with a sweet little boy and a handful of nieces and nephews who are our top critics and our most hard-to-impress shareholders. 

Fareha is the mama behind Forest Trove and Luna Play System. Having worked for over 8 years in the public library, I have had such fun seeing how children interact with open-ended toys and play prompts. Working at the library meant having a day job that paid for reading books, planning play-based learning programs, and well just playing with toys and having genuine heart to heart with children. It's only natural to end up finding myself doing what I love for my little guy. 


Jawad is a super-dad working in data analytics in the day and doing all the leg-work of supporting his slightly eccentric wife, packing, printing, labelling and delivering every evening. We like to say Zayn helps by being cute, but we are also not saying he isn't a little tornado toddler. 

New to our team is Gabby, our Social Media Manager! She has been god-sent in making sure you have all your questions answered on our Facebook group. We love her for many reasons, but Gabby has been a rock as we grew exponentially in the past few months. You can reach Gabby directly here: gabby@foresttrove.ca

We welcome you on our journey to discovering the world of wooden toys and open ended play with us!