The Mini Luna


The cutest little play couch for your elves, cars, dolls, stuffed mice and pets. Made with a soft plush polyester fabric and pieces of upholstery foam. Practice builds for your big couch or make castles and forts for your toys!

Endless possibilities and the funnest gift for play couch obsessed kids!


Please note:
Our Mini Lunas are hand stitched, you will find uneven sewing on some pieces. 
Fabrics and colours do not reflect the fabrics & colours of our Luna & Clevermama covers. 


Details and Care:

2 folding bases: 12 inches x 6 inches by 1 inches 

2 triangle pillows: 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches deep. 

Machine wash cold and dry on low. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

the cutest! absolutely look like a tiny version of the real thing. just as soft too!


I was not ready for how cute and amazing this Mini Luna is! Like, seriously- it’s freakin amazing!! Not only that, but the shipping was faster than packages I order that are local to me. Thank You so much for adding more holiday magic to our home :)


Cute concept but not the best quality. Lots of loose stitches, crooked stitches and the covers don’t really seem to fit on the foam very well. Gave it an extra star because it’s ok for the price as I got it on sale. The material is very soft but I most likely wouldn’t buy it again. But my kid is happy so that’s a bonus.

Perfect for my desk & our Elf

Absolutely wonderful customer service & perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Our elf arrived and this couch was perfect for him. Kids loved it! Wish that I could add photos to showcase the beauty. Highly recommend!!

Icing to the cake!!

These are absolutely the cutest! We ended up buying the waterproof covers and were gifted the mini luna set! These are absolutely the cutest and so so soft!! You can use them for your dolls or in our case, my son sets up the build he wants to make and my husband copies that with our nugget. Really helps with their creative minds! Definitely would consider getting my kids another set in the future once they get a bit older.