Outdoor Covers



What it is:

A versatile set of premium quality covers made for the your outdoorsie little ones! Soft enough for endless hours of comfort and fun. Simply dust away leaves, snow and dirt! Or keep it inside and clean food spills and potty training accidents in seconds!

Will fit Luna, Nugget (their triangles will need a bit of a squeeze but will fit!) all other standard play couches of the same dimensions. 

Our covers are water resistant and flick off droplets without exposing your foam to moisture. Just like all patio furniture, we recommend making sure your outdoor couch is fully air dried and stored in a clean & dry area after play in wet weather. The less the exposure to water and a little bit of extra love after exposure, the longer these will last!

Cover sizes:

1 thick base (66x33x5.5) (same as the Nugget base)

1 thin base (66x33x3) (same as the Nugget base)

2 triangle pillows (14.5 in base, 21.5 In depth) (a bit of a squeeze but will fit for your Nugget triangles) 


Why are these the best outdoor covers in the market?


Our covers are made with 100% solution dyed Acrylic covers with PU backing and YKK water-resistant zippers. If you've ever researched patio furniture, these are equivalent to the top notch Sunbrella fabric, quality and finishings!

Our outdoor covers are made to handle the heat, they stay cool to touch all day long and have added water resistant finishes to keep the moisture out and resist mold and mildew growth. Fade resistant to over 2000 hours of sunlight, you can take the outdoor Lunas to the beach without a worry! 

There are lots of outdoor fabrics in the market, but they are not all made equal! Polyester and Olefin are regularly used for outdoors but you will find solution-dyed Acrylics are the trusted choice for outshining in both durability and longevity. We have worked hard to ensure you get only the best material for the best price!

Take on the outdoors with our soft and airy 100% solution-dyed acrylic covers!

  • sliding, lounging, star gazing, or movie nights in your backyard
  • your camping companion on the road
  • hanging at the beach or lounging by your pool
  • making an outdoor obstacle course

Care & Cleaning:

Although your covers will come with all the bells and whistles to prevent water penetration (such as YKK water-resistant zippers and our special 100% solution dyed acrylic with a PU backing), has remarkable fade resistance (able to withstand 2000 hours of direct sunlight), and naturally repels mold and mildew (although dirt or other foreign substances may become embedded in the fabric and cause mildew or mold if not cleaned), care should be given to clean, air dry and store your couches & covers in a dry well ventilated area when not in use.

All sale items are final sale.

Please read cleaning and care details of the Outdoor Luna FAQs here: 

Outdoor Luna FAQs before placing your order.

Customer Reviews

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Angie Verner
High quality fabric

These covers are worth every penny.
The fabric is soft to the touch, NOT rough like some other exterior furniture covers. Mockingbird is a great medium neutral grey. You will not be disappointed. Looking forward to outdoor use of the Luna this summer! #lunaplay