Jan 14 Updates

Jan 14 Updates

Jan 14 Updates

Jan 14, 2022 Updates:

We finally have updates on our covers! 

1: For customers waiting for correct Preorder 1 pillow covers: the air-shipment of your covers is expected to arrive before the end of next week. This shipment included all replacement flat trap covers and some full Luna covers from Pre-order 1.

2: A much larger shipment that includes all other Luna/Nugget covers and pillow covers in Pre-order 2 onwards is at port in Vancouver. All customers waiting for the true colour of their trapezoids, circles, square beams and triangles covers will also have their covers mailed as soon as this shipment arrives. 

The ship is right at port already, but it strangely showing the docking date as Jan 31st. Hoping this is corrected or it could mean a backlog at the port. Keeping fingers crossed it isn't much longer! 


As it has been as long as almost an year since I have been testing your patience in getting these covers made and sent, I realize many of you have moved/relocated. As these covers were made to order, I do want to be very diligent in having the correct covers shipped to the correct address. To cross check my spreadsheet before mailing, I have created a very simple form to be filled out for everyone who is waiting for replacements to ensure I have the updated address and the complete replacement order. 

Please fill out the following form if you are waiting for any covers at all from Forest Trove:

Mailing Address Confirmation Form

I will be emailing everyone who is waiting as well as posting this on Facebook VIP. You only need to fill it out one time. This is just an extra step to make sure I have all the right information. Thank you! 


Shipments: Although I had most items labelled and ready to go on Dec 29th from the Boxing day sale, UPS did not pick up the packages before new year as promised and the pick up department was on holiday from Jan 1st to 7th. Many of you have gotten either partial shipments or are still waiting for your order to arrive. I have personally sent out all pending shipments from then to Jan 12th as of yesterday (including Purolator/Fedex and USPS shipments). You should now see your tracking numbers updated under your order. 

Boxing day sale: The boxing day sale in coming to a close soon. As many of you know, we are moving across provinces to Ontario and we are just waiting for an estimated date for cargo pick up for all our inventory. I will announce a short hiatus in taking orders while the inventory moves and the end of the sale as soon as we hear back. 

Samples: I do have some more samples I will be putting up for sale that include our Canadian foam thick and thin bases, sample couches, and a few lonely single pillows. Most of these items are local pick up in Calgary only, but look forward to each listing to see if it may be shippable. There will also be partial couch covers and pillow covers for sale which can be shipped. I also have a few sample couches and pillows for local pick up in Edmonton expected to be available next weekend. 

Emails/Tickets/Alterations: We did take a short vacation in the first week of January with UPS and I do see a back up in emails and tickets. I've been working mostly on being up to date with shipments and doing inventory this week, but I will be working through emails this weekend and the upcoming week. For those few customers waiting for alterations orders to be shipped back: I have just heard a few items are ready for pick up and will be emailing the tracking to you as soon as I can. Tickets are still being addressed super slowly but surely. 

Looking forward to reaching the end of the pending order list and getting you guys the covers you ordered for pillow packs! 

Hoping you are all keeping warm and happy in the new year!

- Fareha