Updates Jan 18th

Updates Jan 18th

Updates Jan 18th

Follow up Updates from last Friday:

1: Customers waiting for covers from preorder 1 will be emailed this week to fill out the address confirmation form as this package is finally arriving Jan 24th! 

2: Customers waiting for covers from Preorder 2: it looks like our ship is still at the coast of Vancouver and the estimated date has not changed. I believe this is the backlog at the Port and Jan 31st might just be the final date the items are unloaded. This pushes our delivery date to early Feb 2022. 


I need one form from each customer waiting please! 

Mailing address confirmation form


Current status of Preorder 2 covers shipment: 

3: I am still working on those emails! Well behind but will catch up this week. A friendly reminder to please not message me or my team on Facebook (both private and business inbox) as one is unmonitored and the other kind of creepy. 

Please forward all inquiries/concerns/questions to


3B: I have noted many similar questions in emails (when will we have a couch restock? When will so and so item be back? Etc etc) which tells me our FAQs need to be updated. I'll be updating the FAQS this week to make your plans a little easier. Lots of explain there and new launches announced!

4: We have finally cleared all our items from the warehouse to home (hurrayyyy)! This means all foam still listed on the website is now available for local pick up at 50% off. Please email me at:


to arrange an order! 


We have a moving date! We leave Calgary for greener pastures (just kidding, Toronto is buried in snow) mid February. This means we will be taking a short hiatus in taking orders from Feb 11- March 10th (as all inventory will be in transit). All sales end on Feb 10th, 2022 midnight MST. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope to do quick updates here as soon as anything changes so keep an eye out for new posts!