Updates Feb 15

Updates Feb 15

It's been a whirlwind these last 2 weeks! Sorry for the slow updates on here, but almost all of you should have heard from us in some form!

Pre-order 2 covers:

The covers arrived last week Tuesday and all full couch cover orders and their corresponding other pillow covers were mailed out Thursday. Many of these have already been received! 

Pillow covers for triangles, circles, trapezoids and square beams are just now fully packed and will be sent out tomorrow. Everyone who is expecting these should have had an email from us with the exact details of what is coming and which address it is being mailed to. I had only 20 people fill out the form I needed to confirm the mailing address, and with over a 100 replacement orders going out, this was the only way for me to confirm the complete details and the mailing address.


If you have any covers coming as a replacement from pre-order 2, you have received an email with full details of what we are sending and your mailing address.

PLEASE CHECK ALL DETAILS IN THIS EMAIL. I cannot do anything to recover them from an older address once delivered so this is extremely important. 

Email me immediately if any changes need to be made (no need to email if it all looks good). I can only send these to the address I have on file unless you tell me otherwise. Everything being sent out has arrived for your order specifically and I cannot replace it if it goes to an old address.


I am just about to start printing labels which will send one more notification to your inbox/phone. I will also post this update on our Facebook page so no one misses it!

Why didn't I get an email? This may be because of these reasons:

1: If you had an order of any type of couch cover, the pillows were automatically added to this shipment. Please find the shipment confirmation email to track your replacement pillow covers and your couch cover.

2: Your pillow cover replacements are from the first pre-order. Many of the customers were emailed regarding address confirmation, but with the new development (read below), I will be sending you an order email just like above as soon as the new covers ship.

3: You are waiting for a cover that is not a replacement for pre-order 1 or 2, but for a ticket/claim. Although I plan on doing this in the future, right now all claims are handled via email.

4: None of these reasons? Email me with what you were expecting and I'll make it right. I've made many lists and checked them twice, but if I have missed you for any reason, I will make it right.

That's all the good news! Now for:


Pre-order 1 covers

The few folks who got the covers I started mailing out Feb 2nd have noted the single colour covers are too small! This is just about the very last thing you guys need. I contacted and have confirmed the supplier is resending all the covers and they should be ready this week. I have no words, I am embarrassed to make you wait further. I have invested so much time and money into getting these replacements, getting them air shipped, it's absolutely ridiculous to ask you to wait a little more. But now with everything else out of the way, I will be proactive on making sure these are done and out as soon as possible. There are only a few of these, once they are sent home to you, we will have completed all replacement cover orders! 

Fulfillment Break

Starting today, we are going on about a month long fulfillment break. Our stock is due to be picked up this Saturday and delivered to our new Ontario address in about a month. I will update the banner to make sure this is understood.

In the time I am not fulfilling orders, I will make sure I am fully caught up on all emails and tickets before our stock arrives. 

While we do have some more couch covers available in the new colours, and a few pillow covers that are extras, these will not be for sale until a few weeks after March 20th.

We do not have an estimated date for the Luna couches yet, my priority was to have these covers come in so all other items were on hold. I am going to get new estimates for shipping to Ontario this week, hopefully I can give a better timeline when to expect our new couches.

I will be working with a local foam manufacturer in Ontario in the meantime! Lots of local pick up samples will be available once we are in the province. 

Looking forward to moving forward once all the previous orders are corrected!

Back to work!