Feb 1 Updates

Feb 1 Updates

Feb 1 Updates

Sale and in stock:

Our sale continues until February 10th (next week Thursday).

I am adding a few outdoor couches for our local pick up option and 2 Canadian made ultra firm foam options. Please email thelunacouch@gmail.com if you would like to score one of these!

Canadian foam couches: all sold pending pick up. I do have some thin bases available!

Outdoor couches: 2 still available

Edmonton folks: so sorry this sale has not been up yet! I am not physically there so it just requires a bit of organizing! I will be replying to the few emails asking in sequence when these are ready to pick up!

I will be taking a fulfillment break from all foam, covers and toys while our inventory is shipped from Calgary to Toronto from Feb 15th to approximately March 25th. 


Updates for those waiting on covers: we are almost there!

Preorder 1 covers are here! We are emailing everyone to confirm addresses and sending out all these covers this week!

We also have some Galaxy Luna covers, enough to fulfill all the current orders. These will be going out as well!

Preorder 2 cover replacements (trapezoids, circles, beams, triangles and full couch cover orders from Feb 20th onwards) are FINALLY docked and being unloaded at Vancouver. I am told they will arrive in less than 2 weeks according to the shipper. I will be emailing everyone the form for the address updates for these, I aim to have all labels ready before next Friday so it's a matter of sticking them on and sending them your way when they arrive.

The form for address confirmation is added below, please note I will need to hear from you in any way (reply to the email or this form) before I send anything out. I have only the limited numbers for most items and I cannot risk sending it to an old address!


When will you have a restock or have a preorder?

I have a lot of questions of when the Lunas will be back in stock! The true answer is that we are still waiting for confirmations. We had to pull back production of the new coloured and patterned Lunas (Our Firefly print featured as our cover photo today!) to have the replacement cover orders made and sent first. Now with slower production times, the Luna shipment is expected around April/May.

We are no longer taking preorders before items ship from China. The shipping situation is ever fluctuating and keeping my customers waiting was absolutely horrid. This time around, I will take orders only when the vessel with my containers is docked and I know I can expect my Lunas within 2-3 weeks.

I do plan on making some items available with Canadian foam in the near future that will be ready to ship as soon as announced a little sooner than the China shipment.


Lots of emails, labels and covers to send out this week! I will be hard at work, please reach me at thelunacouch@gmail.com if you need me!