Jan 24/22 - Nothing new, still waiting...

Jan 24/22 - Nothing new, still waiting...

Jan 24/22 - Nothing new, still waiting...

Address Confirmation Form not working? I do have some replies, I am sure it's just a link error! I will be emailing everyone when the covers are in anyway, but I've attached it to Updates Jan 14 and under here so you can access it easily!

Pre-order 1:

I got a notification that the box arrives TOMORROW! Can it be? I thought back in June this would take one week. I want to cry rather than laugh at the assumption. We've gone through depths of the ocean to finally have these covers, I cannot wait to correct your orders!

What's in it? Mostly Flat Traps in Mint, Ocean Deep and Light Grey and a few other shapes/colours. 

Pre-order 2:

Just wanted to check in here! Unfortunately, the ship containing our cover orders from Pre-order 2 plus the correct covers for pre-order 2 traps, triangles, circles and beams is still on shore but no movement is showing at all for unloading. :(

It still says Jan 31st, I'm still hoping that's just an over-estimation. I kinda need to send out all the covers to the world's most patience people? Please?

I know you guys are the ones waiting for almost an year now for some of you. This is ridiculous by any measure. I wish I could print and sew these covers for you myself and just get you the order fulfilled. I am really really hoping these move faster. I will pay someone to swim and get these from the ship.

I really have to figure out something more local for my covers and foams, at least I can promise this will NOT ever be happening again. I'll only ever sell what's already on the shore in Vancouver (and maybe even 2 weeks after it's at shore, gah!). 

Local sales, pick up in Calgary NW:

Thank you guys for the insanely overwhelming response on our sale! We are almost all sold out of foam, but we still have micro suede, cut velvet and outdoor covers in stock. 

Local pick-up sales and Edmonton sample sales still under full swing! I have some 5 boxes full of singles and odds and ends in pillows, some sample soft couches up for sale. Please email to order: thelunacouch@gmail.com

Emails/Updating FAQs/Tickets: Still working at these, I'm only 20 emails behind (but they are from a while ago). FAQs updates still to go. Some alterations mailed out, some should be ready Tuesday (yay!). I am notoriously slow, I know. But I will make sure EVERY email, ticket, inquiry is answered before I collect any more orders for foam. 

Happy week ahead guys! Please email me at thelunacouch@gmail.com should you wish to edit any of your waiting orders, with any questions and with anything at all and I will be working hard to make sure everything is addressed ASAP!